Kalashnikov Orchestra

Experience the world famous Kalashnikov rifle

Don't expect any violin players in camouflage dress. It is up to you to enjoy the vibrations of all time classic AK-47 Kalashnikov or the modernised AKM-101 Kalashnikov (with telescope sights) combat rifles.
At premises of shooting club (35 km from downtown of Kiev) you will first get safety instructions from a former sergeant of Soviet Army and then the full 30-bullets magazine for every group member.

Price: £49*

*Only £49 per person (in association with a package) or £54 per person as activity-only.

What is included:
  • rifle rental (group up to 10 people can opt between AK-47 kalashnikov or AKM 101 kalashnikov; groups of 11 have rental of both rifles included)
  • shooting range rental
  • assistance of professional shooting instructor (obligatory by regulations for non-licensed shooters)
  • magazine of 30 bullets per person
  • one beer (or a soft drink after shooting in club- house)
  • English speaking tour guide
  • two way transfer from downtown of Kiev
  • more bullets and more weapons
  • pistol shooting
  • sniper rifle (Dragunov) shooting
  • clay shooting
  • armoured car driving
  • stylish lunch in the area of the shooting club

Kalashnikov shooting in Kiev Ukrainian girl shooting with AK-47 All-year shooting club near Kiev
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